Feminist Folklore examines fairy tales, myths, and legends from around the world through a feminist lens, asking the question: how do the stories we tell about girls and women inform our attitudes about gender, sexuality, and more?

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February 20, 2019
Boo Hag
This week, Rachael shares a Gullah story about a beautiful woman who's not all she seems, much to the peril of her new husband. But hey, who hasn't had the urge to take off all their skin each night and go flying through the air? Oh, just the Boo Hag? OK . . .
February 13, 2019
The North Wind and the West Wind
This week, Carlea shares an Italian story about a breeze who just wants somebody to love. Yeah, anthropomorphic wind is a weird one, we know. But if people insist on gendering the wind, you better believe we're gonna talk about why!
February 6, 2019
The Goose Girl
This week, Rachael shares a listener suggestion (thanks, Mandy!) about a princess and her scheming maid. It's almost like a non-voluntary Parent Trap situation, but with the addition of a talking horse!
January 30, 2019
The King and the Clever Girl
This week, Carlea shares a story from India about a young woman who's really playing the long con. If you liked The Emperor's New Clothes but always wanted more feminism in it, this one's for you!
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