Feminist Folklore examines fairy tales, myths, and legends from around the world through a feminist lens, asking the question: how do the stories we tell about girls and women inform our attitudes about gender, sexuality, and more?

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March 21, 2019
The Girl with the Horse's Head
This week, Carlea shares a myth from China about the goddess of silk worms, who has a more upsetting origin story than you might expect. It definitely involves way more dead horses than anticipated (only one, but that's still too many!).
March 13, 2019
The Twa Sisters
This week, Rachael shares a story about two royal sisters who don't get along so well, and a traveling musician who could give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money. Hang onto your harps, kids, 'cause this one's A Lot! Content warning for murder and post-mortem body horror.
March 7, 2019
The Princess and the Pea
This week, Carlea shares a story from Hans Christian Andersen about a picky prince and a very sensitive princess. Is it a celebration of ladies' delicacy, or a send-up of the nobility's oversensitivity? Who knows! Maybe both!
February 25, 2019
American Hysteria Crossover!
This week, Carlea and Rachael team up with Chelsey Weber-Smith of the Skylark podcast American Hysteria to discuss contemporary legends like The Hook and how folklore expresses -- and encourages -- panic about teen sex
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